About me

I'm a senior PHP developer (also team lead) with extensive experience in building high quality sites.

I have more than 15 years of development experience in such areas as e-commerce, news media, tv media, realty, art & fashion, food & restaurants, landing pages, etc...

I like to work on projects that immediately resonate with wide audience.

Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions or you have something to discuss «with that guy who knows» how to create that you were just thinking about!

I'm flexible with my working hours, maybe you will receive my answer almost immediately or within few hours.

I look forward to hearing from you!


15 years experience
PHP 8  JS  HTML5  Twig  CSS3  SASS
MySQL  PostgreSQL  Memcached  Redis  Doctrine
jQuery  Native JS  Gulp  Yarn  NPM  Webpack  React  SPA
Symfony 4  Symfony 5  Laravel 5
GraphQL  SphinxSearch  API (usage & dev)
Ubuntu  Debian  Nginx  Unix admin soft skills
Git  Composer  Docker  YouTrack  Agile  Kanban  Gitlab  PHPStorm


delikateska.ru – Delicious Food Online Store

  • support for over 8 years
  • 6 versions developed
  • Symfony 4 Backend for GraphQL API
  • more than 5K commits only in the latest version
  • more than 2.5K tickets in YouTrack
  • more than 1K order per day
  • more than 1B in cash equivalent per year


1-2-3production.com – Moscow-based production company

  • SPA built with ReactJS
  • REST API built with Symfony 5 + PHP 7.4
  • custom control panel for moderator built with popular React UI framework
  • spent less than a month on development

TV Channel

tv3.ru – TV-3 Russian Federal Channel

  • support for over 6 years
  • 3 versions developed
  • 100% support: backend, frontend, unix servers, etc.
  • more than 2.5K commits only in the latest version
  • more than 27M visitors per year
  • more than 75K visitors per day
  • dozens of millions page views
  • dozens of special projects (see some of them below)

Reality Show Promo

Last Hero aka «Survivor» by CBS (IMDb)

  • more than 55K users are involved in a game designed specifically for the site
  • season 1
    • more than 42K registered users
    • more than 29M games total score
    • more than 580K game sessions
  • season 2 (now on TV)
    • more than 13K registered users
    • more than 12M games total score
    • more than 235K game sessions

Movie Promo

theblackout-movie.com – The Blackout Movie (IMDb)

  • special game shooter with panoramas on the streets near you
  • more that 35GB of Google Panoramas
  • more that 7K locations all over the world
  • more that 1K different cities all over the world
  • more than 92K game sessions
  • more than 3.2M games total score

TV Show Promo

An Ordinary Woman (IMDb)

  • What if I tell you that you can use the main character’s phone?
  • Promax Awards Global Excellence 2019 – Gold Winner – Website (PDF)
  • Promax Europe Awards 2019 – Finalist (PDF)

Social Networks

okl.lt – official url shortener for the biggest russian social network OK.RU

  • more than 45M links shortened
  • more than 80M clicks per year
  • more than 220K clicks per day
  • more than 63K links added every day

Movie Promo

gogolvkino.ru – «Gogol» is a series of fantasy-horror films (IMDb)

  • more than 1.15M visitors
  • more than 3.6K users are involved in a game designed specifically for the site

Dozens of other projects

  • news
  • realty
  • entertainment
  • art & fashion
  • food & restaurants
  • flowers
  • landing pages
  • etc...